The KR GATHERING is returning to Mount Vernon, IL in days!

Start making your plans now

KRs gathered in KMVN 2004 - 2009, 2011 - 2013, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2022 & 2023

Here's the 2022 group shot of KR Gathering Attendees; click it for the full width version
(credit Dan Johnson)

Photos from past KR Gathering Events

Each year KR enthusiasts, builders, and pilots travel to the KR Gathering to exchange ideas and learn more about the KR. We talk to fellow pilots, other builders and take lots of photos to assist in our building process. The best part is when we make and renew friendships from past Gatherings. 

2024 is the fifty-second anniversary of KR flight and returns to our friends at Mount Vernon, IL (KMVN.) The airport makes us feel welcome and it shows! The 2024 Gathering will be hosted by Chris Collins, the KMVN Airport Manager with assistance from others listed on the Fly-In Contacts button to the left. If you'd like to help out, volunteer with one of the organizers.

All the preliminary details for the upcoming 2024 KR Gathering are found through the left-side links. Updates as they occur.

The 2024 KR Gathering actively solicits additional sponsors. See our [Fly-In Contacts] link to the left to email our Sponsorship chairman.


The KR Gathering is also sponsored by


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