KRGathering 2016 at KMVN Mt. Vernon, IL

A signed and framed copy of this photo was presented to our on-site support sponsors & crew. Larry, Paul and the entire KR community of members at the event thank you for helping us make the 2016 Gathering one of best in the recent years!

Chris Collins / Mt.Vernon airport, SRT Aviation ( Mt.Vernon FBO ), and Donnie Wilke and crew, the airport restaurant.

Paul Visk's KRNet Survey results:
51 Active builders
 4  KR First Flights expected this year
14 KR First Flights expected next year
34 KRs actively flying now (Expect this is a low count...)

Banquet Poll for next year's KR Gathering selected KLXT and Gathering organizer Rob Schmitt September 21 - 24, 2017   Lee's Summit Airport info

Banquet Awards:
Best Paint - Joe Weber
Best Firewall Forward - Brad Stone
Best Panel and Interior - Mark Langford
Best KR - Mark Langford
Longest DIstance Flown - Joe Horton 733 SM
People's Choice - Joe Weber

2016 Gathering Finance Report Summary (Details pending Larry's final recap)
Starting balance was $4330 and ending balance is $4375

Mark Langford also created a web page with 2016 photos. See it here...

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Photos from Larry Howell

Photos from Rob Schmitt

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