KR GATHERING 2006 at KMVN Mt. Vernon







The KRs pictured above all have Corvair power

The KRs pictured above all have the new airfoil





The 2006 KRGathering Awards were as follows:

Best engine installation N5570R Richard Shirley

Best interior N152CR Charles Reeves

Best KR N152CR Charles Reeves

Peoples Choice N880AB Bill / Alan Page

Greatest Distance flown N5570R Richard Shirley 

Richard flew in with Steve Glover from Chino, CA,  1413NM.   Richard's hanger is a little west of Steve's so he got the award!  The fact that Steve flew in his Long-Eazy this year had nothing to do with the judges decision - Yeah, right!





Some of these photos courtesy of Dave Mullins (the good ones!)